Volunteer With Us

We are currently recruiting more volunteers. Due to the nature of work, volume of work needed during COVID19, and the changes to our service, we need more people to help with shifts in the food bank.

What can I do to help?

We would like volunteers who can offer help on a regular basis and who have a day or two available each week.

As we are open Tues to Friday 10-12, and look for availability from 9.30-13.00. Unfortunately, we are not open at weekends or afternoons and not able to offer flexibility in volunteer timings at the moment.

We ask people to come see what we do, what tasks might be involved at the food bank, and what might be required of our volunteers. Our volunteers take some time to get to know us first before coming in to help out.

If you would like to come and see what we do and see if it is for you, get in touch and fill out this short questionnaire

We follow strict government guidance for COVID19 and ask that our volunteers do the same. This includes wearing mask/face coverings, following social distance guidance, hand washing, use of sanitiser, and following all health and environmental regulations.

Thank you!

Thank You for Your Support During Lockdown

We have an unprecedented amount of support over the last few months during lock down! We would like to take this opportunity to thank just a few in our community and beyond who have been incredibly supportive.

Last but not least….

ALL our drivers that provided the **weekly** delivery service for over 100 families and individuals.

ALL our volunteers in the food bank, many have been with us since March, who have tirelessly, without complaint, met the demand for our food parcel increase of over 300%.

We couldn’t have managed without you.

Reminders – post lock down

As lock down and shielding restrictions have lifted for on 31 July in Scotland, a reminder that we have not changed our safety and health guidance at the food bank.

1- Hours have remained the same and we advise not to come outside of these hours to donate food as we are protecting our service users and volunteers.

2- We no longer have a drop in service. All service users, self-referrals, agency referrals will need to arrange an appointment to collect food parcels. This is to ensure safe social distancing and overcrowding at the food bank. Contact us here.

3- Delivery service has been greatly reduced due to volunteers being called back from furlough. Those on deliveries prior to 31 July, will need to contact us to make further arrangements for an appointment for food parcels.

NOTE: We are not refusing food to anyone who received deliveries prior to 31 July.  We are asking services users to contact us for further advice and support.

4- We strongly urge visitors, donors, delivery drivers, and those coming to the food bank to follow ALL government guidance on 2 meter social distancing, wearing a face covering at all times, and practice good hand hygiene (wash your hands, use hand sanitizer).

If you are displaying any symptoms of the virus, do not come to the food bank, and follow all guidance set out by NHS Scotland.

Opening Hours

We are still working to strict open hours for members of the public to drop off donations.

OPEN Hours – Donations ONLY

Tuesday & Thursday/Friday: 10-12

We still have many coming to us when when we are not open to the public or during hours reserved for service users. We are asking the public to *please* honour these hours to eliminate the risk to our volunteers and services users.

Our volunteers have worked very hard to ensure the safety of our volunteers and service users. We have to prepare our areas carefully *in advance* to be able to take donations *only* during these times.

We realise this may seem inconvenient to many but please be assured that we take the health and well-being of our services users and volunteers very seriously.

Please do not abuse our volunteers or get frustrated when we ask you to come back during our published opening times for donations..

Thank you very much for your continued support.

Need Food and Essentials? Get in Touch

We have been phoning all our service users this week to make arrangements for food parcels and essentials.

Many do not have contact phone numbers or addresses for us to get in touch or. If you could please fill out this online form so we arrange a parcel for you. (Click the word * form * below)


As we are following strict guidance for COVID19 to protect service users, donors, and volunteers, we *will not* operating a drop in service at this time.

Opening hours for appointments are posted on our website and Facebook pages.