Dominic Everett (Chair)

“Hi there, it is a great privilege to hold my current role as Chair of Loaves and Fishes.”

Dominic currently holds position of Chair at Loaves and Fishes East Kilbride.
Loaves and Fishes Chair Dominic Everett pictured with the schoolchildren of Kirktonholme school in East Kilbride.

For many years the Charity has carried out tremendous work under the stewardship of Denis and Cathie Curran. From delivering soup kitchens and twice weekly dinners in Glasgow, to providing clothing and food support to those in need elsewhere, their tireless work in the community has touched many lives and has enabled Loaves and Fishes to become a well established service in East Kilbride and Strathaven. We aim to continue their legacy by providing food aid, support and advice to those who need it. To do this, we will need the continued support of our donors. This can be in the form of financial help towards running costs or in the form of food contributions. Every little bit helps.  To ensure that we meet the needs of our clients we rely heavily on our team of Volunteers who make this a great place to work, and I would like to extend a special thanks to them. 

Dominic Everett

“Please continue to help Loaves and Fishes. Together we can make a difference. “

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