Thank you & Update

We want to extend a depth of gratitude to so many who have donated to us during our lock down.

We cannot express how much this means to those we support in our community.

We are still taking donations at these locations in East Kilbride if you wish to drop items in our collection boxes.

Have a donation? Please contact us to make arrangements for collection or drop off during our lock down.

We hope to be opening shortly once we have further guidance from officials that it is safe to do so. Please be aware that when we do open, we will likely operate on restricted hours with different procedures. Please be patient with us while we get things in place.

Food, cleaning supplies and  Protective & Sanitising Supplies are especially needed.

We need protective masks for our volunteers. If you can make any, that would be wonderful. See how to make them link here. Any extras made will be given to our care workers in the community.

The Corona Virus has caused an increased demand for goods across the sector and food is scarce on shelves. Do consider a cash donation if you you are unable to find items but still wish to support us. This will allow us to purchase food and essentials once stock becomes available.

Giving to Loaves and Fishes

We will post on our Facebook pages and our website once we have made the decision to open again. Please check periodically and pass this information to those in need.

Again we thank you for your continued support and well wishes during this challenging time. – Denis Curran MBD, Chair of Loaves and Fishes

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