Volunteer Requests – information

We have a lot of request to volunteer with us via our web page and Facebook pages, especially for the run up to the holidays. Thank you all for offering to help.

We have enough volunteers for the run up until Christmas and are grateful for those who are coming in to help us get ready for this busy time.

What can I do to help?

We would like those who can offer help on a regular basis and may have a day or two available.

As we are open open Mon-Thurs 10-12, we are not able to offer flexibility in volunteer timings at the moment.

We ask that folks come in and see what we do, what tasks might be involved, and what might be required of our volunteers. Our volunteers take some time to get to know us first before coming in to help out.

If you would like to come and see what we do and see if it is for you, get in touch. Note: due to the run up to Christmas, we won’t be able to make appointments to show folks around until the new year.

This is a small charity and not the same as some larger food banks. One of our board members is required to be present or available each day to help answer queries from donors or service users, or to support volunteers if necessary. If all of the board members are off ill, we are not able to open the food bank.

We don’t have stand in volunteers at present as we have not been able to rely on them for assistance in the past. This may change in the future.

We have not heard back from a lot of individuals who put in requests. This makes it difficult to make decisions on extending opening hours for our services users and/or adding more volunteers to our roster.

A small plea: if you do contact us about volunteering, and we have responded, please get back to us and let us know if you are still interested.

Thank you!

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